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A couple of days ago I had a question about something that bugged me a little bit. In the Gulden desktop wallet (which you can download at I did create a couple of accounts. A few months later I wanted to reorganize my accounts. This was my previous situation:

Account Listings:

  • Bittrex Account
  • Blog Account (you can donate ;-))
  • Connected Account
  • Savings Account
  • Savings 2 Account
  • Savings 3 Account

In all the accounts I had some Guldens and I wanted to transfer the funds from Savings 2 and Savings 3 account completely to my Savings Account. The result would be that I could remove both the Savings 2 and the Savings 3 account. Now I didn’t know there is an easy way to completely clear an account. The easiest way you do to clear an account is to make a new transaction with the amount of Gulden in that account and transfer it to the savings account. This brings a few problems:

  • When you don’t have enough funds available to cover the transaction costs you’ll get an error that you have insufficient funds.
  • When you do have enough funds you’ll have “some” Guldens left in your account (for example G 0.00043168)

I wanted a solution for both problems. Luckily I found that solution in the Gulden Slack Community. The solution came from the Gulden developer (Malcolm) and is a bit technical at the moment but it works really well.

Transfer all funds:

To transfer all the funds open the Gulden Application on your Desktop. In the menu select “Help” -> “Debug window”. After that select the tab “Console”. You should see a screen like the screenshot below:

In the console input (Next to the >) you’re going to enter a few commands. First you want to make a new transaction so you have to unlock you wallet with your password:

In my example I enter:

  • walletpassphrase myp@$$w0rd 60  
    • walletpassphrase it the command
    • myp@$$w0rd is my password (not my actual password obviously)
    • 60 is the wallet unlock timeout. Afer 60 seconds the wallet will be locked again.

After the wallet is unlocked enter:

  • move “Savings 2” “Savings” -1
    • move is the command
    • “Savings 2” is the account to completely clear
    • “Savings” is the account to send the Guldens to
    • -1 is the ammount you have to enter to completely clear the account.

Now repeat the step above to clear the account balance for the “Savings 3” account. This leaves us with the situation where “Savings 2” and “Savings 3” are completely empty (G 0.00000000) and now it is safe to remove those accounts from you wallet. If you however will transfer funds to an address that was in one of these accounts, it automatically will pop-up back into your wallet again.

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